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Origin wont let me sims 3 download

Origin wont let me sims 3

For about a days worth of playing, the game ran smoothly until I logged out of the Sims as I had a few times before. (Save and Quit!!! A while later, I went to play but Origin wouldn't give me the option to play. It said that my play time was exactly 24 hours and wouldn't let me play at all. I have looked around for help, but I can't. Technical Issues. I installed sims 3 origin through origin on my Mac computer but the install button will not show up, It only says ' details ' and none of my expansion packs will download either because I am unable to download sims 3. Here’s how to get in touch with an EA. Solved: Hey, I'm very new here but need help! I installed the sims 3 when I first got it in December, and I never registered it under an origin.

I have a relatively new Windows 7 bit PC. I recently bought a brand new Sims 3 game. It says it's compatible with PC. When I tried to install it. I've recently reset my laptop back to factory settings and wiped all of my files. I didn't think I needed to back anything up because the only things. I got my Sims4 Limited Edition Tuesday and have been playing it and it's awesome! However this morning I ran into an issue. I double clicked the icon and as always Origin pops up with all my Sim games. I went down to Sims 4 and it is faded and will not let me click play. This is really not making me all too happy.

I rebooted my computer and lost everything now im trying to install sims. I got onto my computer to start playing sims 3. I open origin and go to "my games" then I press the sims 3 and its not letting me click play. I lost my Sims pets cd a long time ago but I still had the code so I made an origin account so i could play it through there. It worked on my old computer, but I got a new one and decided to start playing again. I downloaded origin and still new my account so I just logged on and downloaded my sims 3 pets.


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