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RSoft OptSim™ is an award-winning software tool for the design and simulation of optical communication systems at the signal propagation level. With state-of- the-art simulation techniques, an easy-to-use graphical user interface and lab- like measurement instruments, OptSim provides unmatched accuracy and usability. New and enhanced features in the RSoft Photonic System Design Suite version include: In OptSim, support for m-QAM and arbitrary constellation shaping in OptSim DSP Library for MATLAB; In OptSim Circuit: American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) APSUNY PDK vb; Support. These instructions are for versions earlier than RSoft CAD g, OptSim , and LaserMOD To remove any of these versions, it is first recommended to back up any license key files and the installation directory (usually C:\BEAMPROP, C:\ LINKSIM, or C:\LaserMOD on Windows,. /usr/local/beamprop on Linux). Then.

OptSim is especially designed to be used in Monte Carlo simulation and Project Portfolio applications. It provides user-friendly software to customers to implement their own simulation using distributions created and managed by OptSim. The OptSim Engine is a pure object oriented version available in Microsoft's. OptSim, OptSim Circuit and ModeSYS version , Synopsys' RSoft System Tools, include the changes described in the following sections. OptSim. The release of OptSim adds: • New MATLAB-based Gaussian Noise (GN) model for nonlinear noise modeling in uncompensated optical transmission systems. OPTSIM( version). OptSim, RSoft's award-winning software tool for the design and simulation of optical communication systems at the signal propagation level empowers the users with models and simulation techniques that are specifically designed for PM-QPSK and other advanced modulation formats including OFDM, .

Sep 6, Synopsys today announce the availability of the latest release of its RSoft Optical Communication Design Suite, which includes OptSim and its multimode companion tool ModeSYS. OptSim version delivers innovative modeling capabilities and new application examples that enable engineers to. Sep 10, SEPTEMBER 10, -- RSoft Design Group has announced the release of Optical Communication Design Suite version , which includes OptSim and its multimode companion, ModeSYS. OPTSIM contains the following improvements compared to previous version ( ). • The TRAJECT program is now a subroutine of the main program OPTAERO. It allows easier input/output interface (unique namelist and run). • A lookup table can be used in the Mie scattering computation. Using the lookup table.


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