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Control m for windows

Power digital business automation: Go beyond traditional workload automation. Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads. At the center of infrastructure, data, and applications, it improves SLAs and accelerates. Dec 4, Then setup the Control-M/Agent so the Logon as User parameter is set to Y as defined via the ctmwincfg command. In the Control-M job definition the "Run As" field will then be setup as the above "Local System" user you have defined, OR as any other Windows user needed for jobs. Option 2) Install two. Oct 2, Login in our EPD Site and look for Control-M/Enterprise Manager. User-added image 2. In the drop down lists select Version: and Platform: Windows and click on Go. If you click on the " Products" tab, You should see a list similar to this one: User-added image 3. Select and download Control-M.

Apr 17, Control-M versions , , and documentation is available in Help and PDF format. Older versions of Control-M are available in PDF only. NOTE: To avoid issues with the BACK button, log in before you click a documentation link. View a walk-through video of this page. Control M is a workload automation solution that simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads while reducing failure rates, improving SLAs and accelerating application deployment. Use this VM Extension to deploy Control-M Agent on your application Virtual Machine and wire it to your Control-M Server to. There should be a Control-M Agent service if it is installed.

unavailability of a specific Control-M Agent or a group of Control-M Agents on your job flows, and prepare for planned shutdowns and maintenance windows. Global calendars. You can now save time and reduce the efforts invested in calendar management by creating a single calendar in the Control-M/Enterprise Manager. The site available to all users of Control-M scheduler. 26 Control M Windows Scheduler jobs available on Production Scheduler, Support Analyst, Project Scheduler and more!.


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